RVT extends injection molding capacity

  • The manufacturing capacities of random plastic tower packing have been extended at RVT
  • 24h operation mode without supervision enabled
  • Other investments include a central vacuum system, several automatically working filling stations and a central water cooling circuit with heat recovery

The manufacturing capacities of random plastic tower packing have been extended recently at the production site in Marktrodach. These activities were inevitable to cover the increased demand of the customers and for making the production more economic and efficient. The product output could be increased by acquisition of further two injection molding machines and an extruder. The machinery equipment is now consisting of molding machines with the following press capacities:

  • 500 t
  • 180 t
  • 100 t
  • and an extrusion device.

Beside these investments extending the capacity some other activities regarding the periphery of the molding center are improving the production by enabling a 24h operation mode without supervision:
Installing a central vacuum system aspirating dust from the plastic granulate eliminates a significant source of operating troubles. The implementation of several automatically working filling stations for big bags and 100l-bags and of a silo for big packing types enables now the operation during the night shift without any supervising personnel.
Furthermore the shutdown time caused by the exchange of the molding tools could be shortened implementing an indoor crane.
Other investments are planned for the near future: The installation of a central water cooling circuit with heat recovery and the change of the electric lightening of the working places with LED lamps will release the environment by reducing the energy demand for heating and lightening for more than the half.
It is obvious that the production capacity is strongly depending on packing types being produced. With the typical mixture of the different dimensions of packing we are able to produce approximately 12.500 m³/a with the proprietary machinery equipment. With this strong production capacity and with our large warehouse stock we are ready to serve our customers demand quickly and flexibly.


About RVT

RVT Process Equipment GmbH is a medium sized family owned company located in Upper Franconia, Germany. Since 1976 our scope of supply has covered components for mass and heat transfer processes for chemical, petrochemical, refinery and environmental applications.
The overall array of products includes random packing, structured packing, column internals, mass transfer trays, complete columns and turnkey units for environment protection applications.
More than 140 employees work for the company in Steinwiesen and Marktrodach. Our two subsidiaries in Knoxville TN, USA, Kunshan PR China and representatives in all important market places are selling our products all over the world and are being used by many global players. Further information on RVT is available on the internet at www.rvtpe.com

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