Safety and Environmental Protection

Our work and environmental management system is vital and regularly being upgraded. We develop environmental concepts and realize them together with our partners. We inspect the reality of the processes in place and of the successes of our system continuously.

Safe places of work

We are convinced that accidents at work and industrial diseases are avoidable. Our employees and managers support us to the fullest in these regards. We take ergonomic knowledge into account when planning work stations and operating cycles.

Reliable action

We commit to keeping all legal prescriptions, guidelines and standards concerning work and environment protection. We are planning, selling, buying, operating and servicing machines, products and plants in a way that potential dangers are excluded and risks are minimized. We apply state of the art thinking in all that we do.

Minimize impact to the environment and ecologically friendly products

We take efforts to avoid any harmful effects of our activities on the environment by reducing the use of and recycling raw materials and energy. We strive to minimize our emissions of wastes, waste water, noise and other emissions. We produce ecologically friendly products. As far as possible we recycle our residues.

Responsible employees

We encourage all employees and business partners to be conscience of the environment and work protection by training, and providing information and professional development.

Open-minded dialogue

We communicate with all of our employees, customers, suppliers and the public without discrimination and trustfully.