RVT Process Equipment is a modern, medium-sized company that engineers and delivers innovative products and services for chemical, petrochemical, refinery, water and environmental applications.

Vision, Mission and Code of Conduct

With its expansive portfolio, RVT Process Equipment is the number one random packing supplier and number three mass transfer product supplier in Europe. By providing top-notch customer service and preserving the German quality with which our customers are familiar, we are working to continue that growth trajectory in North America. 

The qualification of our engineers and our staff, their readiness to work and their knowledge regarding process technology allows us to offer our customers superior products and services to meet or exceed their requirements.

We produce key components and essential products in-house. Our suppliers cooperate with us on the basis of long-term partnerships rather than short-term interactions. Our activities, as well as our suppliers’ activities are based on continually developing and improving quality.

A clear management and business structure outlining tasks, duties and responsibilities afford safe and attractive careers at RVT. Our staff’s dedication to success and an innovative and open product policy ensure the long-term growth of the company. Our sustainable environmental policy further characterizes the behavior and beliefs of RVT.


Steinwiesen, July 2014