Hero: RMXR Ring


The RMXR is the latest development by RVT‘s random packing engineering team.

It is a patented ring for high  performance purposes, exceeding  2nd or 3rd generation rings by up  to 25% increased capacity. It can be used as a replacement or your first choice for nearly all of your metal random packing applications. 

Using the RMXR allows you  to either reduce the diameter for  new columns at the same capacity,  or keep the diameter for existing  and new columns and increase their capacity. All this can lead to a significant  reduction of the energy consumption.

Available types are the RMXR #2 and #4. Please get in touch with our technical department for recommendations regarding appropriate type and quantity.


Type Size Weight kg/m3 Void fraction %
# 2 127 98.4
# 4 79 99.0

Available materials:
Stainless steel and others on request