Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator

Wire mesh mist eliminators provide a high separation efficiency at the lowest installation costs. They are usually comprised of multiple, compressed layers of thermoplastic or metal wire and deliver excellent results over a broad range of conditions.

Our wire mesh mist eliminators are made in any size and shape from a wide range of materials, both metal and non-metal. RVT offers the following materials: PP, PFA, ECTE, ETFE, PVC, steel, alloys, titanium, and more.

Wire diameter, surface area, mesh thickness, and interfacial surface tension between the fiber and the collected liquid are the primary variables to consider in specifying a wire mesh pad.

It is also possible to combine wire mesh mist eliminators with vane type ones. These combined systems help to optimize the benefits of individual types of equipment and improve overall performance.

In this case, the mesh serves as a preconditioner to the fine mist gas, forming larger droplets (coalescence) for the vane type mist elimination process.

Mist Eliminator

Types Material of construction
  Metal Plastic Ceramic
Wire mesh M 950 P 950 -

Other types or special designs
on request.