Quality policy

We have specialized in providing customer-specific solutions for everything to do with mass and heat transfer: from engineering know-how and components to turnkey systems and service.


The constant quality of our products and services is one of the foundations of our successful business activity. For us, quality means meeting the requirements of our customers according to contractual agreements.

Managerial responsibility

In order to maintain product quality, adherence to schedules, flexibility and service, the management and department heads monitor the processes in the company and adapt them to the current state of the art. To implement this policy, a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 was developed and set up, in full support of the management.

Customer orientation & satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our quality goal. This is expressed in the maintenance of long-term partnerships with our customers. Through intensive support and advice, we can quickly identify and serve their needs.


We attach great importance to the motivation and support of our employees. This is expressed both in further qualification and performance incentives as well as in personal, trusting interaction with each other. In particular, we want to promote satisfaction, quality awareness, ideas for improvement and commitment in the workforce. All employees have the right and duty to work towards the elimination of circumstances that limit the results of the company's performance. This quality understanding and quality awareness, as well as the attitude of all employees to quality are prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and thus for the lasting success of our company.

Processes and continuous improvement

The entire operational process consists of individual processes. By analyzing them, we achieve an overview and transparency. Continuous improvement is a permanent endeavor within the company. It increases customer satisfaction, improves the economic result, and secures future competitiveness. Our employees are obliged to comply with the procedural regulations and work instructions.


We maintain and nurture solid supplier relationships that allow value to be created on both sides. We work in partnership with our suppliers, especially when developing solutions for our customers. We pay particular attention to their reliability, quality, and reasonable pricing.


We communicate openly and trustingly with employees, customers, suppliers, and the public.