Hero: Collection Trays and Re-Distributor  |  Sammelböden und Rückverteiler

Collecting Trays and Re-Distributors

Collecting trays and re-distrubutors are installed below the support grid in order to collect the liquid running off the packing.

The re-distributor guides the liquid to the lower packed bed.

Several types of collecting trays were developed according to the requirements of application and material:

  • Conical top
  • Vane
  • Chimney 

Usually, liquid is led from the collecting tray into a circumferential trough or in a draw-off pocket. The collecting tray can also be used as an internal pump tank. In this case, the liquid remains at the bottom of the column during shut down. The tank volume depends on the height of the gas chimneys. In order to avoid sealing issues the collecting tray is frequently welded or laminated into the column.

Collecting Tray and Re-Distributor

Types Materials of construction
  Metal Plastic Ceramic
Chimney-type collecting tray M 900 K P 900 K -
Vane-type collecting tray M 900 L P 900 L -
Pan-type redistributor M 200 T P 200 T K 200 T
Trough-type redistributor M 200 B P 200 B -
Deck-type redistributor M 200 KK P 200 KK -
Trough redistributor with
integrated parting box
M 200 KQ P 200 KQ -

Other types or special designs
on request.