Around 3,800 exhibitors from all over the world present their products, processes and services at ACHEMA.

Picture: ACHEMA 2018 Open Air Area  |  ACHEMA 2018 Außengelände
Outside area of the ACHEMA, Picture: Helmut Stettin

Did you know that ACHEMA is the world's largest exhibition of pumps, compressors and valves? It's no wonder, because chemical engineering is at the heart of ACHEMA. Today, it involves much more than "just" choosing the right reactor or the most efficient pump. Energy efficiency, the flexible use of different raw materials and the progressive process automation mean that a holistic approach to process development is necessary.

Components bring "decentralized intelligence" that allows them to communicate directly with each other - an important requirement for modularization and greater flexibility. Heat exchangers and control technology form the basis for the recovery of heat and the early distribution of waste water streams depending on the necessary treatment method. Simulation and modeling tools help with asset development and planning, reduce costs, and reduce implementation times.

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