Dual Study

A dual study program refers to a system that combines alternating phases of academic studies with practical work (integrated training or integrated practical phases) during the program.

The Bachelor’s dual study program can either be completed as a combined studies program (training + studies) or as studies with intensified practice (studies + integrated practical/internship phases). The program itself comprises 7 semesters (3.5 years). The combined studies program is preceded by one year of training so that the total duration is 4.5 years.

In cooperation with the Hochschulen Nürnberg, Hof, Coburg and Amberg/Weiden RVT offers both options of the dual study program. The following fields of study will be offered on a regular basis by our company:

  • Process Engineering B. Eng.
  • Mechanical Engineering B. Eng.
  • Plastics Engineering B. Eng.
  • Environmental Engineering B. Eng.

But all in all, more than 350 dual study programs are offered at German Universities of Applied Sciences (UASs). If you would like to choose an option that's not included in the list above we would still love to hear about it and identify possible ways to work together and kick-start your professional career.