HSE Policy

RVT consciously assumes responsibility towards our employees, our environment, our society and future generations. Occupational health and safety, as well as the protection of the natural basis of life and the careful use of energy and resources are essential components of the RVT company policy.

HSE (Health, Occupational Safety and Environment)

The company's managers undertake to ensure that the necessary measures are implemented and to set an example. All employees receive occupational safety instructions at regular intervals and are informed by notices that they must observe the necessary protective measures and wear the necessary protective equipment. When designing workplaces and processes, we take ergonomic knowledge into account.

Managerial responsibility

The management is committed to safety, health, and environmental protection management as a management task. It defines goals and announces these goals. It provides the necessary resources to achieve the goals and promotes awareness of HSE at all levels and areas. Efforts to continuously improve HSE standards are the responsibility of management.

Customer orientation & satisfaction

The demands and needs of our customers and employees as well as statutory provisions regarding HSE can only be met through a targeted and systematic approach.


Through information, training, and further education, we promote the skills and awareness of our employees and business partners for safe working and environmental protection. The goals of "zero accidents", "zero occupational diseases" and "zero damage to property and the environment" determine our actions. We motivate all employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner both inside and outside the company. It is particularly important to us to raise awareness of the sensible and moderate use and consumption of resources and to make this a matter of course.

Continuous improvements

We keep the pollution of air and water as well as the emission of noise and residues in our production processes as low as possible. We continuously improve our environmental and energy-related performance. For this purpose, data is regularly recorded and evaluated, and regularly checked to ensure that it is up to date and adjusted if necessary.


When purchasing products and services, environmental compatibility, safety, and health are taken into account. During product development, environmentally harmful substances are avoided as much as possible. The products are designed for a long service life. Avoiding waste is a declared aim of our actions. In addition, everyone is called upon to comply with the disposal routes and to separate and dispose of waste properly.


We communicate openly and trustingly with employees, customers, suppliers, and the public. We provide information about our SGU measures and the effects on the environment emanating from our locations by analyzing the relevant environmental aspects.