RVT has the know-how and experience to plan, equip and construct individual columns and complete plants. Have a look at our references and challenge us to demonstrate this capability.

Packed columns, internals and mass transfer trays

References: Joenkoeping
Location Jönköping, Schweden
Capacity: 110 MW
Scope of supply: Random packing and internals
References: Baytown
Location Baytown, USA
Capacity: 1,500 kt/a Ethylene
Scope of supply: Random packing, trays and internals
References: Jamnagar
Location Jamnagar, India
Capacity: 15 million t/a crude oil
Scope of supply: Random packing and internals
References: Siderar
Location Siderar, Argentinien
Capacity: ca. 155,000 m³/h
Scope of supply: Random, structured packing and internals

Turnkey units

References: Kokkola
Location Kokkola, Finnland
Capacity: 2 plants: Water, each 10 - 40 m³/h
NH3 input 10 g/l
NH3 output < 300mg/l
Scope of supply: 2 x NH3-Steam stripping of process water
from the cobalt ore processing
References: Basel
Location Basel, Switzerland
Capacity: Two lines, each 100,000 Nm³/h
Scope of supply: Renewal of exhaust gas purification,
consisting of quench, scrubber,
dust separation and flue gas blower
References: Essen
Location Essen, Germany
Capacity: 1,250kW, max. 300 Nm3/h waste gas
Scope of supply: Turn-Key unit with waste gas system, burner system and combustion chamber, air and water quench, bag house filter, fan, I&C, steel construction, and PCS
References: Antwerpen
Location Antwerp, Belgium
Capacity: Gas throughput 148,000 Nm³/h per line
Scope of supply: Venturi quench followed by
packed column

This list is just a short excerpt of all our successfully delivered projects in the field of process technology. Please get in touch with our sales team for further case studies and let us work together on your next challenge.