Carriers for Suspended Beds

The biological carrying media used in MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) are continuously in motion caused by air injection and recirculating water. The specific density of the carrier media can be adjusted from 0.95 to 1.15 g/cm3, depending on customers’ demand. However it has to be considered that the actual density of the carrying media will increase as the biofilm develops on the media surface.

The advantage of the MBBR in comparison to the trickling filters and submerged fixed beds is that it maintains a thinner layer of biofilm on the carrier media which will allow higher specific surfaces.

Carriers for Suspended Beds

Type Size Protected surface m2/m3 Dimensions mm
Bioflow 9 1525 9 x 7
Bioflow 35S 815 35 x 5
Bioflow 40 307 40 / 45 x 35


Information + / - 5 % dimensional tolerance

Available materials:
PE-/PP recycled from production residues
PE, black
PE, virgin
and more on request.