The path to each career begins with the first step. From theory to practice, this often means pursuing a business internship.

As part of an internship at RVT, you will apply your already acquired theoretical knowledge from your studies at the workplace. In challenging projects as well as in day-to-day operations, you gain valuable practical experience.

When is the right time? That's up to you.

You can complete an internship before or during your university studies. Normally, an internship takes between two and six months. For a preliminary or voluntary internship you need the study program of the desired degree program. For an internship during the studies, a valid certificate of enrollment as well as further documents, which may be necessary in individual cases. In the case of a compulsory internship, you will also need to obtain a certificate from your study program for confirmation.

Applicants from European Economic Area countries need a valid ID or passport. Applicants from non-EEA countries need a residence permit and, if necessary, a work permit.

Internships are not usually advertised in our job search. A short telephone call is the best way to clarify whether an internship is currently possible in the area desired by the applicant.