Our History

Today RVT with its headquarters in Upper Franconia and branches in China, USA, Great Britain and Singapore, employs approximately 160 people. Learn more and read about the history of the company and our products.

Timeline: 1976 – 1981

1976 – 1981

In 1976 the product range was extended to include plastic injection molding. This made it possible to produce ceramic and plastic parts in almost any shape and thus to produce packing for the chemical industry.

In the years that followed, the production of ceramic and plastic random packing was extended with the foundation of the Process Engineering Division.

Timeline: 1982 – 2005

1982 – 2005

In 1982 the company introduces the specifically developed Hiflow Ring® on the market. The product features a high gas capacity combined with an extremely low pressure drop and a very low wall flow.

In the years that followed, the range was extended to include even more products such as metal packing, column internals and mass transfer trays. The “packed column” was the key component that led to the establishment of the package unit division.

1987 the company strengthens its business in the United States and is founding a new regional office in Knoxville, TN.

As a logical result of this development in 1996, the Process Engineering Division was transformed into an independent company. In the same year the new facility in Marktrodach started production.

Shortly after that, the Rauschert Verfahrenstechnik GmbH was separated from the Rauschert Group and continued operations as part of the Kober Group, founded by Rainer Kober.

Timeline: 2006 – 2012

2006 – 2012

The founding of an independent subsidiary in Kunshan, China, which is responsible for regional sales and production, marks the company's leap into Asia.

In 2008 the company changed its name from Rauschert Verfahrenstechnik GmbH to RVT Process Equipment GmbH.

The product portfolio is further rounded off by the manufacturing of structured packings in the year 2010.

Timeline: 2013 – today

2013 – today

The families Geipel and Rüger take over RVT Process Equipment GmbH. Throughout its history and to this day, RVT has remained a medium-sized family business that is conscious of its roots and its responsibility in the region. Long-term plans for company development therefore take precedence over short-term decisions.

With the opening of an office in Frankfurt am Main the company gets closer to the customer and is represented in the center of Germany.

RVT celebrates its anniversary and is looking back at many decades in the field of process technology.