Burner Systems

Fuel, air and residue are optimally mixed via the burners designed specifically for each application and then completely converted. Here, liquid residues are mixed in via a central main burner and the exhaust gases via secondary burners. The specially developed burner geometries and optimally matched measuring and control technology guarantee low operating costs with low investment costs and simultaneous fulfillment of all legal safety regulations.

Furthermore, we offer the modification or renewal of existing combustion systems through the supply of key components. For example, three furnaces with a total of nine burners were converted from heavy oil to natural gas for the recovery of various residual acids, and the plant control system was adjusted accordingly.

The basis for this were function diagrams developed by us, which represent the interface between the process engineering and the programming of the safety and process control technology. In addition to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) was successfully carried out using a simulation program developed by us. A major advantage is that we are not tied to any manufacturer in the safety-related automation solutions. For this reason, we can offer our customers maximum flexibility as well as customized individual solutions.