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The most important information about RVT, its products and services, in a clearly structured, easy-to-read format.

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Whatever the system, mass transfer, heat transfer or biological, selecting a tower packing that optimizes the total gas to liquid interface with a low pressure drop is important for optimal performance. RVT’s tower packings meet these requirements.

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RVT Process Equipment GmbH provides a broad range of innovative and conventional structured packings in both metallic and thermoplastic materials for different applications.

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Mass transfer performance as well as the hydraulic characteristics of a packed column are highly dependant on the quality of the column internals used. RVT Process Equipment is your skilled partner for all column internal and packing requirements.

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Mist eliminators separate liquid droplets from the gas stream. RVT offers many design variations of this product and each can be adjusted to your specific needs.

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Another possibility to seperate liquids offer mass transfer trays. RVT produces them in versatile designs and materials for almost all applications. Every tray design and construction is customized to each individual requirement.

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For complex customer requirements RVT Process Equipment offers complete high tech solutions that have been proven successfully under practical conditions.

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Even under complicated system requirements, RVT Process equipment offers complete, economical, compact, high-tech, field-proven solutions. We specialize in the treatment of highly contaminated waste gases with temperatures up to 1,300 °C.

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In many industrial production and manufacturing processes, gaseous and liquid media accumulate that require thermal treatment as part of the total purification chain in their disposal.

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An effective waste water treatment facility is an essential premise for ensuring a clean environment. RVT Process Equipment is delivering the optimum carriers for this application.

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RVT operates different test facilities for the further development of their own products. These test facilities can be used as well for test runs on customers demand.

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To make your stay safe, this brochure will give you some helpful information. In case of further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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