Information on COVID-19

Since COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) continues to have an impact on the global community, we would like to assure you that we as a company are prepared and that we fully comply with the recommendations of the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute, and governmental and regulatory authorities.

Our German HQs and the subsidiaries in the USA and China are operating at full capacity. For this reason, there are currently no delays in processing your orders or interruptions in normal business processes.

The following measures should ensure this as best possible in the future::

  • Our purchasing department is in constant contact with our suppliers 
    in order to assess delivery capabilities and react accordingly.
  • A sufficient number of home office spaces for our employees are available 
    and can be used if necessary.
  • For the moment, instead of business trips and visits to external guests on the premises of RVT Process Equipment GmbH, video conference systems are increasingly being used for communication. This includes, in particular, technologies for remote video inspection.
  • The smooth flow of goods (acceptance and delivery of the products) remains unaffected. Forwarding drivers must register, and are only allowed to stay in defined loading and unloading zones.
  • The hygiene measures were tightened throughout the company and the employees are trained in their behavior through the active communication of preventive measures.
  • The number of internal meetings and the number of participants was reduced 
    to an appropriate level.

Only together, we can master the challenges of the current situation. For this reason, we hope you understand if, in spite of our far-reaching measures, there should be waiting times in business operations in individual cases.

We monitor the situation very closely, and continuously adjust our measures, always acting in the best interests of our employees, and you, our clients and partners. 

Current documents (COVID-19)

The "COVID-19 information for visitors to the company premises" is intended to briefly inform every visitor about the rules that must be followed on the RVT Process Equipment GmbH company premises due to the current situation for the containment of the corona virus.

PDF-Download (0.3 MB)


This "COVID-19 questionnaire for visitors" must be completed by every visitor to the RVT Process Equipment GmbH premises and is available for download here.

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"COVID-19 information sheet for freight forwarders" for loading and unloading a truck on the RVT Process Equipment premises can be downloaded here.

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